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Divas are fierce in heels, but they’re also fierce

in a pair of trainers on the track, race course and pitch.

This is for all the ladies slaying in sport.

Available in A4 & A5 Prints, Mugs and T-Shirts!


There’s nothing like 3 Funk Diva’s who like

to change their outfits regularly. This fun and funky range

were inspired by the 70’s soul music vibe.

Think Pam Grier, Jackson 5, Angela Davis, Marvin Gaye you name it!

What’s more, these fierce ladies don’t mind

donning the colours of your national flag. 

Available in A4 & A5 Prints, Mugs and T-Shirts!

RIO 2016

We love a bit of sport at  Bespoke Diva,

which is why we were very excited

to produce a collection to celebrate the

Olympics and Paralympics at Rio 2016. 

Available in A4 Prints!


Our Bespoke Diva founder loves Salsa,

so she created this passionate dance duo

for all the salsa lovers out there. 

Available in A4 & A5 Prints, Mugs and T-Shirts!


Us ladies like to Slay, we are strong, powerful,

wise, vibrant and glow in our skin. Whether it be that little

black dress or African head wrap,

we’re sure to stand out from the crowd. 

Available in A4 Prints, Mugs and T-Shirts!


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