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My passion for Carnival, Grenadian Jab Jab, Afro-Punk, and Steampunk motivated me to bring together all these styles into this collection.


Carnival as it's practiced today by African-Caribbean communities combines Catholic festivities with African masquerade traditions.


Jab Jab celebrates overcoming hardships after slavery ended and remains a vital part of Grenadian culture and heritage.


Afropunk promotes Black identity and diversity through music, art, and community building.


Steampunk is a design aesthetic and fantasy genre inspired by 19th century industrial technology and steam power. By fusing these diverse influences that I'm passionate about, I aimed to create something new and captivating in this collection.



Illustration printed  on high quality premium lustre paper 350gsm.

*Frame not included.




8.3 x 11.7 inches   

210mm x 297mm. 


Please note: Colours pictured may differ slightly from the printed version.

All prints are shipped in a protective sleeve and hardback envelope.

GND Afro - Punk

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